Friday, 4 November 2011


For those in the UK there is no forgetting 5th November as it is Bonfire Night.  There are, sadly, many who do not know its origins  is a site that explains what it is all about.  
Now there is a modern “Guido Fawkes” who raises awareness of the political goings on, but before you click the link, if you are under 60 please ask your parents to consent to you accessing the site

So this week I have included a recipe I made up for Bonfire Night, called Catherine Wheel Soup.  Also as it is getting colder and for those of us who knitted our shawls in readiness, there are suggestions of how to wear them.  But if the shawl is not yet knitted but in the thought stage only, then there is a helpful guide on how to make one.

1) How to wear a shawl or scarf
Shawls have not always been the fashion accessory they are today, and so many women look for suggestions on how to wear them other than just draped round their shoulder.  This video is one of many that gives ideas
Scarves have never been out of vogue, but new ideas of how to wear them can be welcome, and this snazzy video has a few suggestions

 2)Shawl construction made easy
  For knitters who want to know how to make a certain shape of shawl this wonderful chart reveals all, and the site is well worth visiting to browse its other contents. I for one will always be grateful to the creator of this splendid sheet.

3) Catherine Wheel Soup
When it is not Bonfire Night this is called Roast pepper and tomato soup, this takes a bit of preparation, but well worth the effort.  It can be cooked ahead and reheated when desired.
3 sweet peppers
10 tomatoes medium size or say 7 large ones
1 carrot medium size
1 onion medium size
Squidge tomato puree
1 tsp paprika, salt and pepper to taste, 1 dsp sugar
Soya cream/single cream optional.
Liquid of half milk (or soya milk) and water

Plunge tomatoes in boiling water and put aside.
Either roast or grill the halves of pepper until skin is charred black
Cut onion up finely
Cut carrot up finely

Put onion and carrot in a saucepan and gently sauté.
Whilst this is happening remove skin and seeds from tomatoes and chop them up
Remove skin from peppers and chop them

Add peppers and tomatoes to carrot and onion, add tomato puree and then enough liquid to cover contents of pan. Add salt, seasoning, sugar, paprika and simmer for a few minutes.
Liquidise/zap/blitz/blend with preferred gadget or hand blend through sieve.
Reheat and serve.  Swirl cream if used on top.  And that is how it looks like a Catherine Wheel!  Ok, if that not bonfire enough put a sparkler in the bread roll that accompanies it!

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