Friday, 18 November 2011


No more soggy bottoms
 Being a sucker for gadgets it was inevitable that having watched the Junior Apprentice this week that I should buy a pie maker.  Well, I haven’t indulged in a gadget since………….last month when I bought a Kindle!!  I justify these purchases to myself by remember I buy few clothes and don’t go on holiday, and and and.
And I have to say it does what it says, pies are cooked in 10 mins, and if one buys ready made pastry the time to produce the pies in minimal.  Best of all is the way the base of the pies are cooked same as the top so no soggy bottoms!  Yay!  I hate soggy bottoms.  The ones in the pic are “chicken” and mushroom and the recipe is further down.  Obviously they can be done in conventional oven too!

This week then, there is 1) the recipe, 2) podcast review and no groans when its identity is  revealed, and 3) three  sites worth checking out, the second and third ones reveal a mystery of the Universe!.

1“Chicken” and Mushroom pie. 
The reason “chicken” is in inverts is because being vegan I have used a chicken substitute, but for non veggies ordinary cooked chicken pieces will be fine.

You need: 1 pack Jus Rol short crust pastry (makes about 6  medium or 4 large pies)
6oz  of cooked chopped chicken . or better still Redwood meat free chicken style pieces
4 oz mushrooms chopped, 1tbs flour, quarter pint milk, knob of margarine. Kettle of boiling water
Method, sauté mushrooms in margarine, add flour and stir in well, add milk so nice thick mushroom sauce achieved. Put saucepan in bowl of cold water for contents to cool.
Roll out pastry and put base in tin/mould/pie maker. Add chicken pieces to mushroom mix, and season mix.  Add mix to bases. Put tops on and seal well, brush with soya milk or ordinary milk to achieve a glaze. Bake at number 6 till golden brown.
Where does the boiling water come in?  Well you have earned a cup of tea or coffee to drink while they bake!

2. Podcast Review
and I repeat “no groans”, but this week I am suggesting the BBC Radio 4 series The Archers  The world’s longest running soap, but… does raise awareness of many social issues, and at the moment there is an ongoing story line of whether to set up an intensive dairy production system where cows will be kept indoors all the time.  There are many other social issues this programme doesn’t duck.  Look at the site and see if you think it will appeal.

3 Site recommendations. 
Knitters and crocheters often make scarves, but do not always wear them to their best advantage.  Well, this knitter doesn’t!! 
On a previous blog I put up a utube “how to wear a scarf”, and have since found this site which has static pics and might give the scarf wearer a few more ideas on how to wear this accessory   Once a style is selected by clicking on the picture, there are easy to follow instructions on how to achieve that particular look.

The other sites are ones I wish I had taken more notice of this week when I was taking the laundry out of the drier. These sites reveal what to me was a mystery of the universe.   It is the old problem of how to fold fitted sheets for storing in the airer.  Mine end up jumbled and sometimes stuffed in a pillowcase, which means the set of linen is not looking its best when required. Actually I did find a Youtube video showing my method!!  So for easy explanation of how to fold fitted sheets and achieve nice neat effect look at these and select the one you find easiest to follow:
 if you are tall then you can do it like this bloke

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