Friday, 11 November 2011

Finally its done!

Thought it would never get done

This entry is going to be very brief this week, as I have spent many hours completing my “big project”.  When knitting I tend to have a major project on the go, and knit this interspersed with smaller projects.  The “major” project that has come to fruition after being two years in the making has been a bedspread to fit a double bed.  The pattern is called Wheatear and from Annie Cole.  I had researched traditional bedspreads and bought many books that featured them,  but because it was such a big project I needed to know I had sufficient yarn, so bought a kit. Many of the patterns I found were in late 19th and early 20th century books in yarns that no longer exist.   But didn’t do the edging in the pattern provided as I found one I preferred.  Couldn’t believe the weight when it was all assembled.  Put it on the bed and was pleased with my efforts.  Took pics for Ravelry and immediately took it off the bed and put it in an airtight container.!

So at the moment I have no, zero, zilch knitting on the needles in progress.  This is a state I have not known for many years.  But fully intend to remedy this PDQ.

Craft Site of the week.
There are a number of free patterns for traditional counterpanes and so my site of the week    Where besides a wealth of crafting information there is a section devoted to traditional counter panes.

Podcast of the week
Brenda Dayne produces an interesting knitting related podcast.  She has a pleasant voice to listen to and the content is consistently good.  Take a look at her blog and see if you would like to listen

Foodie sites of the week.
This time of year when its not quite Winter but Summer has gone can prove problematic when deciding what to eat.   To cheer up the dark nights, we need treats like the Baileys and Chocolate Cream Cake to be found here    Many folk are also busy thinking of Christmas and have their time taken up with this, so may like the idea of OAMC  (OAMC?  Once a month cooking!)  The site also has loads of more conventional culinary ideas too.


  1. That's a lovely bedspread you have knitted! And thanks for visiting my blog :) Have a nice day and happy knitting !

  2. Hi, and thanks Ullfori for your kind comments.
    I noticed on your blog a really useful translator, and I tried to add one to mine today but unfortunately it is broken at present.
    Happy knitting!