Sunday, 31 July 2011

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Its always nice to know workers have the utmost support of their employers.  This is where this government leads by example................
And there was me thinking Oliver Letwin was a public sector worker as his MP's salary is funded by the State.  So here is hoping Oliver himself is able to recognise his own need for "fear and discipline".

As I get used to blogging, I hope to include on here book reviews, site reviews, podcast reviews type content. Any ideas or contributions for this section will be welcome

Podcast of the Week Review:
Caithness Craft Collective is my favourite podcast, having a good mix of crafts content, mixed with articles about Scotland, and an essay type article on varying topics.  Louise the presenter has a nice style of presentation with humour and no nonsense approach.  This is the link 
Louise also has an active group on Ravelry, and is on Twitter.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Weird Aint the Word

This is the first posting of this blog, and I envisage that postings will be somewhat erratic. Although it is an intent to cover mainly craft related topics, there will also be mentions of other topics that I find amusing, interesting etc.
So for my first foray into blogging I have gone for something weird:-
Taste in books is subjective I know.  But one has to wonder what motivates people to write books on certain topics.  Check out these oddities  And do let me know if any of these titles are on your bookshelf.