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Although I have been relatively busy this week, I am still wondering what to put on here!
Thursday I was reminded that the First Rule of Gardening is:  “you might think you have finished, but I can assure you categorically there is more to do”.  No matter how much I have the garden paved!  So trees have been mutilated and their offcuts hurled unceremoniously in the garden waste bin.  Ian is very adept at leaping inside the bin and compacting down the contents so more can go in.  We all know that should I try that there is every chance I would be lost in there and never seen again.

So this week my offerings are recipes of both culinary and crafty and continuing from the last couple of postings are for those “budget conscious” times!:

1)    Site of the week
2)    Podcast of the week
3)    Microwave crisps
4)    Macaroni cheese pies
5)    Simple stocking stitch gloves pattern
As with all my recipes/patterns they are mainly “suggestions” rather than commandments!
A browse around this site is well worthwhile.  To get an idea of just how much is on there hover your mouse over the headings “Free Crafts”, “Free Holiday Crafts” “Sewing and Quilting”, “Crochet and Knitting” and “More Allcrafts”.  There is something on here for everyone.  Who needs magazines, when there are sites like this?  So take a beverage of your choice, settle down and have a walk down their aisles, and see what might be your next project. 

One of the best podcasts for knitters to listen to is
Electric Sheep.  Excellent presentation of a professional level, and for those interested in knitting this is a must!  It has a loyal following and well worth tuning into.

MICROWAVE CRISPS (Probably “chips” in the US)
I am not being pretentious if I put a mention in of US terminology as my stats show visitors from across the pond I am pleased to say.
Ready made crisps are delicious and heavy on the purse as well as the hips.  So to lighten the load on both here is an alternative which I have made today.
I used the “one cal” type oil spray, and I cannot say what would happen if ordinary oil was used instead, but if anyone knows let me know and I will mention it next time.
So to make this delicious snack, simply peel an old potato, and slice as thinly as possible.  Spray a thin film of oil on microwaveable plate and lay on the slices of potato being careful not to overlap them.  Sprinkle with seasoning of choice (salt and pepper is fine on its own) Very lightly spray again with the oil.  If the oil is omitted there is a danger the crisps will just weld themselves to the plate.
I cook mine for 10 mins in a 700w microwave, so if your is more powerful reduce the cooking time.  Don’t be tempted to remove them till they are truly golden brown or they will not be crisp.

I was of two minds whether to put this unflattering pic in, but it gives an idea of what they are

These make a change from quiches.  If you already know how to make macaroni cheese then just use your usual recipe and use that as the filling.  Similarly if you have your own favourite pastry recipe for the case, use that.
For the macaroni cheese: 4oz macaroni cooked, 4oz cheese or vegan cheese substitute grated, 1 oz margarine or butter, 1oz cornflour, half pt soya milk or milk
Make the cheese sauce by melting butter, add flour and mix well, add milk, and bring to boil, stir in cheese, season.  Put in cool place (I put mine in bowl cold water)
For the pastry: 8 oz plain flour, 4 oz margarine, 4tbs water. 
Optinonal extras: sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped peppers.
Rub the margarine into the flour till it looks like breadcrumbs and then slowly add  and mix in water until dough is formed.
Heat oven to number 6
Roll our pastry into flan moulds
Add macaroni cheese
Add topping of sliced tomatoes, or chopped onions, peppers using just one choice of topping all a mix, or all toppings.
Bake number 6 for about 15 mins.  When the crust of the pastry can be seen to be golden and starting to shrink from side of tin, it is done.


This is a very basic glove pattern and assumes that the knitter can already knit on 4 needles.   As the gloves can be tried on during knitting the measurements are approximate and can be increased/decreased.   It uses 4 ply/sock weight yarn, and can be mono coloured or stash buster stripes. If anyone wants more in depth information I will be pleased to help on an individual basis

On size 2.75 needles Cast on  52
Rib for 2 inches and increase to 60 stitches on last row.  The rib can be k1 p1 or k2 p2 it really doesn’t matter.  Ensure 15sts on each of 4 needles
Knit in Stocking stitch for 2.⅛ inches, which will be knit every row.
Thumb opening Right Glove:  knit 30, knit 9 with waste yarn and return theses to needle 2 and continue knitting to end of round
Thumb opening Left Glove: knit 36 then the 9 with waste yarn and return those sts and continue knitting till end of round
When 4  ¼ inches knitted put sts on holders for fingers.
To knit the fingers take from the holder:
Little Finger: 8 from back, 8 from front, cast on 2 from inside = 18sts, knit for 1 ¾ inches, Dec by 8 sts til 10 left, knit one row, k2 tog so 5 remain, break yarn and run through remaining sts.
Ring & Middle Finger: 7 sts from back, 7 sts from front, pick up 2 from previous finger and cast on 2 the opposite side= 18. Ring finger knit about 2 ½ inches then shape as little finger,  and middle finger knit to about 3inch to cast off
Index finger 8 sts from back, 8 sts from front pick up 2 from cast on sts of previous finger =18 sts and knit about 2 ½ inches and shape as others.

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