Friday, 30 September 2011


You know when you are getting old when visiting antique shops and see so many things from your own childhood.  Spent lovely morning lost in time at and the Old Barns Wolseley Bridge and  
When  I was a child television programmes frequently faltered and a sign would come up on the screen “Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible”, and sometimes this would be accompanied by a film of “The Potter’s Wheel”
Well, this week is a Potter’s Wheel week!    “Stuff” on the domestic front has intervened and time is running out on me producing a normal blog posting.  But next week I hope “Normal Service will be resumed”.
Meanwhile, in case previous postings have not been viewed, new readers may like to have some links of previously  recommended podcasts and craft related sites,
And why is this called “self service”? Because if you are at a loose end, you may wish to see the list of blogs/podcasts on the right side of this site and click on a link and browse
Below are my three favourite craft podcasts, and one non craft related podcase, and two sites that embrace a number of crafts, and  a puzzle site, and finally a whimsical look at life from Simon’s Cat (a cat that owns Simon).

not craft related but worth listening to

All four of these have active groups on Ravelry too. 
Because these craft related sites have so much content, I am only naming three
 and if you have time left you can take a few minutes out on here doing puzzles

To raise a smile:

Hopefully next posting on here will be back to normal, and I have been trying out some new recipes to share, there will be more sites and podcasts reviewed too.

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