Friday, 17 August 2012

If I had known that before!

Life could have been so much easier if hindsight was clutched in my fist the day I was born.  But then maybe I would have missed out on some interesting episodes on various journeys to achieve goals.  So lesson number one is “modernity doesn’t always equate to easiest/best”.  I like to think I am not a stick in the mud, but sometimes Granny knew Best.  So the remainder of the blog is based on the idea that Granny Knew Best.  (knitting, recipe, ebook etc)

I have a collection of knitting books, some of which are over 100 years old, and yet I have chosen to ignore some of the techniques in them in the mistaken belief that more modern must mean better!  Such a case is the “After thought heel”.  I have been knitting socks for years now and thought I had developed the easiest format in the universe to make them.  I then found modern references to  what is now known as “After thought Heel”.  It is simplicity itself and produces a good heel very very easily.  I then found this method in a book printed in the 1930s, and realised it is not a new technique at all, even though it was not known by the name “After thought heel”.
It is versatility personified, works fine with cuff down or toe up patterns, and no little holes where adjoined to the foot.  I always do reinforced toes and heels and this method lends itself to that too.  Yes, I am a convert!  Loads of instructions are available for free and a quick google will show the way.  If anyone particularly wants the method I use please contact me.
Granny was not afforded the year round choice of fresh vegetables that are available today and made use of seasonal vegetables, and also most of them were locally produced if not produced in her own garden.  Although this recipe is not totally local it is seasonal.
 Fruity Crunch
A salad full of textures with a really tasty dressing
The word “shredded” can be grated for softer texture, or cut into matchsticks
Main ingredients are: 1 large raw beetroot peeled and shredded, Raddichio leaves, 2 large raw carrots shredded, 5 sliced radishes, orange segments or tangerine segments, Additional ingredients all of which can be added or just one or two:  sunflower seeds, alfalfa, dried cranberries,  sliced bananas, any salad leaves.
Dressing: Mix well together: 3tbs best olive oil, juice of a large orange, half tsp mustard powder, salt, pepper, 1tsp sugar.
Mix all ingredients and toss in the dressing.

Granny did not have to hand a supermarket stocked with a bewildering array of chemical cleaners, but she did know that her larder was stocked with items that were not only culinary but would keep her house sparkling clean too.  Lemons, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda etc.  What Granny did not do was fill her home with chemicals that could sometimes be potentially harmful.  I found this book
Interesting in that it explains the different chemicals used in household cleaners and their effects,  and  then goes on to give recipes for cleaners made out of every day larder items. 
Admittedly I got the book for free as it was listed in
I have their daily newsletter.  But it could be worth checking now and then on Amazon to see if it is free again.  And this site is ace for up to date free ebooks.

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