Friday, 3 August 2012

Do unto others

This week it is mainly a domestic update. So bypass the boring bits and scroll down for podcast recommendation etc.
 Went to visit my mother on Wednesday who has lived in a Residential care home since 1999.  I hasten to add that she remained there at her own request and likes it.  She now has dementia, but still does have lucid periods and is proactive in participating in all the activities made available.    
She has been adamant for many years now that my father who died in 1958 visits her, and according to her also that he has frequent conversations with the gardener in the shed!
She started a conversation off saying “I haven’t seen much of Frank lately” and that he had not been to see the gardener recently.  I said to her “You do realise he isn’t alive don’t you?”  To which she replied “Of course I know he is not alive, but I cannot tell the gardener that, it might upset him”!  So she apparently still tries to live by some on the tenets she instilled in me of being kind to people.  Well, to other people that is. (There is of course, an exception to every rule). She has no qualms about introducing me to a person to whom I am not known by saying “This is Sandra, she is NOT the clever one”.  (I have a living sibling who can revel in the glory that she IS the clever one)!

My mother is 97 and adamant that when she is 100 shewill be a recipient of a telegram from the queen.  I think it is a good thing we decided she was not to be told as I was, in September 2010 that she had less than six months to live!  At that time she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which fortunately has subsided due to the medication she was given, albeit no chemo or radiotherapy.  She is blissfully unaware of this hiccup in her hitherto robust health record.  Every one at the home has to make their wishes known regarding their treatment in their final days.  She told them she definitely does want resuscitation if the occasion arises, and that she has no intention of dying anyway.  I for one, believe her. She broke her hip a couple of years ago and is adamant that she will strive to improve on her mobility, and has not succumbed to a wheelchair. 

It goes without saying that Riley is exceptional.  I am not a modest Nan where he is concerned!  He now has an infectious grin, and brings sunshine with him when he comes to visit.

Oliver is the DIY cat.  He has had an operation to remove a blockage.  This meant he had a neat row of stitches down the length of the abdomen.  Well “had” being the operative word.  He has assiduously unpicked these stitiches which are not due to be removed until Monday coming.  So besides his post operative check at the vets, he had to go and be checked regarding his diy stitch removals.  Unfortunately because he is deaf he didn’t listen to the vets instructions on how he should be quiet for his recuperation.  I cannot believe how quickly he recovered, and today he is on a mission to gain access to the cable box in the tv cabinet.  Oliver has also shown an unhealthy interest in electrical wires and cables, and now when using my laptop I have to remove the mains lead because he thinks it is part of his diet.  

Podcast recommendation.
I have been listening to some quiz podcasts, and they are a mixed bunch!  Some are cures for insomnia for sure.  The one this week that I have subscribed to and definitely will listen again is
Upbeat and friendly and interesting content. 

The second recommendation this week is not an audio podcast but a thought provoking site to visit. The site does have visual/audio clips and I scrolled down and chose the “I’m an Animal Lover” clip to start

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