Friday, 9 December 2011


This week it is 1) musings, 2) recipe 3) knitting Sock it to me 4) Rant
Apparently age brings its compensations so the saying goes.  What is also brings is hard decisions on what is suitable attire!  I don’t want to be seen as “mutton dressed as lamb”, but there again I don’t want to appear as if I have been in a fashion time warp since crimplene hit the market. .  But it is a fine line I walk.  Then it suddenly occurred to me that being somewhat aged, I should be becoming invisible to others, so what the hell does it matter?   And it also seems a bit arrogant to assume anyone would notice me anyway! I base the invisible theory on not very scientific experiments that have been conducted  such as the page 3 Peta Todd’s experiment
I have decided to at last just wear what I want.  For years I was confined to a dress code whilst at work.  This came in during my career, and I never understood how a person when not facing the public should be banned from wearing good work clothes like jeans.  (Except on “dress down days”)  How come I would not be professional in jeans unless it was “dress down day”, in which case apparently I would perform professionally?.  I refused to play this game and never “dressed down”.  If it was not acceptable on say a Thursday, why was it on a Friday? 
So if you see this geriatric in bizarre clothes, it is because of choice and not because due to senility I am not aware of what I am wearing.  But I am mindful that I do not wish to embarrass family members, so may remain a little more conventional if venturing out with them. 
So am off now, to don a snazzy black mini stashed in the wardrobe, and I DON’T CARE what anyone thinks.  Freedom!!!  I never ask “does my bum look big in this?” if one has to ask, then it does, and should not put friends to the no win test.  If they say “yes”, it is hurtful, if they say “no”, they are lying and their trust for the future could be doubted!

2)Recipe:  Tasty Roasty Veggies.
I used chunks of peeled potato, sweet potato, and acorn squash and quartered onion..  I see no reason why parsnips, carrots etc could not also be used.  I then put into a polythene sandwich bag two tablespoons of decent cooking oil (olive oil would be ace), 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey, handful of dried mixed herbs, good pinch of salt, and a mighty grinding of black pepper.  Rubbed  the bag vigourously in the hands until the contents mixed well.  Then added the vegetable chunks and ensured all well coated.  Put them on a tray that is lined with non stick baking paper or greaseproof paper (Well this reduces the washing up afterwards!).  No 4 for about 40 mins.

3) Sock it to me
 Never judge a sock by its shape!  They can be deceptive. Last week I mentioned socks that were knitted in a ribbed tube and so here is the pair I knitted this week.  Tube socks are really comfortable for the wearer, look normal once on the foot, and of course the heel never wears out because the sock is put on differently each time so wear is even.    I used King Cole Yarn and liked the colours as they said Fruits of the Forest to me.  Don’t know what colour the manufacturer has stated!   I also knitted a conventional pair from same yarn and have to say it does go a long way.

4) Rant.  I asked Specsavers why I had to wait 2 weeks from test to receipt of new glasses and was told it depended on the complexity of the lenses.  Well, hitherto I have had the same lense and had glasses dispensed within a week, (from the same store), and also why do I have to pay up front?  Apparently all customers even those who have been loyal for years and never breached contract with them, are having to pay up front because some customers have reneaged on the deal.  Like keeping all the kids in after school because of one naughty child in the class.
I asked Tesco why the alarm goes off when I enter and leave the store.  Got standard response of how disappointed they were to learn I had a problem, (not as disappointed as me), and they will tell the deputy store manager.  Because it was a standard response they have failed to tell me why the alarm goes off.  Effective communication?  I don’t think so.

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