Friday, 2 December 2011

Oh yes you can!

This week has not been a good week and if you want to know the ins and outs I will put it as the last entry, so if you dont want to hear unadulterated misery then you dont have to!  But unfortunately I have not been able to prepare a lot for this week, so it s confined to 1)"Yes you Can", which is aimed at knitters,2)podcast recommendation of a podcast that is brand new and  3)my week

1) Yes you can.
 Sock knitting is growing in popularity in Knitting World. Many knitters are wary of trying sock knitting as it sounds complicated when they hear phrases like wrap and turn, short row, turn heel etc.  Sock knitting is like any other knitting in that there is a hard way and an easy way, and as an introduction it pays to try the easy way to help boost confidence.  In case you are wondering why on earth someone would want to wear hand knitted socks, then the answer is they are so comfortable, and well worth the effort. 
So it is worth considering trying to knit a sock that has none of the complicated technicalities involved.  This is achieved by basically knitting a tube which is open one end and closed the other, like a bag.  But if it is done with some ribbing it envelopes the foot snuggly and doesnt sag.  There are two sites which have splended patterns showing how easy these socks are. 
The first is and this link is to the very comprehensive pattern.  The second is which is splendid as a knitting resource for loads of free patterns of all sorts. Put in their search "spiral socks" and see the pattern, you may have to register it is free, but it is a good site for other purproses besides socks.

2) Recommended Podcast.
  This week it is a brand new podcast that I am recommending and can be found and is a vegan podcaster with kniting featured.

3) My Week
Started with a shock on Monday when Ian and I went for routine eye tests, and it was revealed that Ian needs further investigation and may have glaucoma, and on my part cataracts have appeared.  The last time my eyes were tested was only last February when I had sunglasses prescribed for the times my reactolite lenses were inadequate.  On Wednesday we realised Hamish our sixteen and a half year old British Short Hair cat was not coping with his condition and I took him to the vet and returned home without him.  Hamish is now with his brother Maurice in Cat Heaven. This knocked me sideways somewhat and I am still walking around his feeding station which is no longer there.  The pics at the top of this entry are of chocolate point Maurice in colour and a monotone pic of Hamish who was blue point.  Unfortunately I do not have to hand on my laptop better pics.  So not the best week and one of the reasons this blog has not got much content.

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