Sunday, 27 January 2013

Back Again!

It has been over two months since I put an entry on here. (Sounds as if I in a confessional box!  It had become something of a chore rather than a pleasure and now I intend to write only intermittently.  Those who read it, know that I put an alert on Facebook and Twitter when I update.

Just a few items this time, 1) Convertible scarf/cowl with pattern, and 2) a Kindle mention. 3) podcast.  4) Its done at last! 5)Something to be grateful for.

1)What is it?  Well, a stash buster for a start as granny squares lend themselves to that.

Well, I made it with the original intent of it being a cowl, but discovered I liked the idea of it being a scarf.  To overcome the dilemma I made two chain cords, and laced the ends together securing with tie bow.  This way I can simply remove the cords and revert back to a scarf. 

I used size 4.00 hook and double knitting yarn.  I then joined 12 granny squares in a line, and then did four rows of trebles clusters of 3 trebles each (doubles in USA) round the length, putting 2 clusters in each corner. 
For those who are not sure how to do granny square there are good instructions on sites like this
Remember USA and UK abbreviations and stitch names are slightly different but sites like this give conversions at a glance
The two chain cords were threaded through the chain gaps.

2) Free Kindle Books, I have been watching the Father Brown series on tv (yes, daytime tv!  A girl has to do something while sitting with feet up!), and found that there are a number of free Kindle books by the original author G K Chesterton on Amazon.  I have enjoyed so far what I have read, and love the detail and descriptions written.  It was also pleasing to see that the tv series had well depicted the central character unlike when televising Morse. So here on Amazon is a GK Chesterton link showing the free ones first.

3) I continue to enjoy the podcast “Stuff your Mom Never Told you”, The “stuff” podcasts are easily found by just putting “Stuff” in the itunes search, and other good ones are “Stuff you Missed in History Class”, “Stuff to Blow your Mind” etc etc all emanating from the site

4) Finished at last the Rowan Ariadne . 
 This project seemed to take forever, and I will not be knitting again with the yarn Creative Linen as I found it to be “splitty”, and weighs a ton when knitted up into a garment.  But the garment looks OK I think 
5) What is it I am grateful for?  For the fact that when I walk in the snow it doesnt come up to my tummy like it does for Oliver 

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