Friday, 5 October 2012


This is a short entry as keyboarding is rather problematic at the moment due to carpel tunnel syndrome!  Great, another syndrome to add to my Holmes Adies syndrome.  I really would rather not go through life collecting syndromes as I age. This has meant my knitting activities are severely curtailed and I can only knit for short periods of a time. Also my cooking is reduced as chopping and cutting is not a joyful experience to say the least.

This week the knitting chat is about gloves,
Knitting can be an expensive hobby but not when such projects as these are made.  Time consuming and yet not yarn eaters, so they are more than affordable.  But more importantly they instill a great sense of satisfaction upon completion.  Also they do not weigh much on the needles!  I particularly like these sort of projects that are steeped in history and tradition.  These gloves above I made last week are made from a pattern currently sold at,  or the Winter 2011 edition of Knitting Traditions.  They are in the Dales tradition and called Mary Allen's gloves. So far on Ravelry there are only 7 projects which surprised me. 

Once I had completed the Mary Allen’s gloves, I started another pair with my own design on the back of the hand and deviated from tradition by continuing the pattern up the length of the fingers.  It is only now after decades of knitting that I have the confidence to “do my own thing”.  Hitherto all patterns have been carved in stone.  Here is the result:

The project has yet to be named so if anyone has any ideas what these gloves should be called I would welcome the suggestion.

The recipe is a minimum fuss, quick make, lunch and a leave it alone as long as you like casserole till you want to eat it!
The quick one:
Roasted veggies on warm baguettes - makes a change from pizza!
I find the bake at home baguettes ideal size for this.
Ingredients: baked baguette, from the following use one or any or all tomatoes, sweet peppers, mushrooms, onions.
Garlic and decent olive oil.  No cheating on the oil, if it is crap oil it will ruin this entirely.  Prepare the veggies used by halving the tomatoes, cutting onions into chunks, halving peppers and removing seeds, clean and slice the mushrooms.
Method: half baguettes lengthwise and lay crust down on baking tray.  Liberally spread oil over the surface and rub in crushed garlic.  Arrange the veggies used over the bread and drizzle over olive oil.  Bake number 6 for 15 mins.  Check and ensure veggies cooked. 

The casserole can be cooked on the stove top and eaten immediately or it can be put in a slow cooker/casserole dish and slow cooked for ages.  So it is a good dish to prepare say before going shopping and then on home coming it is ready to eat.

Home Coming Casserole

In the picture it can be seen that there is pasta, but this is an optional extra and not totally necessary.  400g tin of chopped tomatoes, 1 tbs tomato puree, 1 tsp sugar, 1 clove crushed garlic,  large onion chopped, 1tbs olive oil, seasoning,  4 oz dried pasta cooked as directed on the packet. Veggie meat free  Meatballs from Asda  or Redwoods

Saute onions in the oil and garlic, add the chopped tomatoes, puree, sugar, seasoning. When well combined add the “meatballs” and pasta if used, and thoroughly heat, or cook in the oven.

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