Friday, 6 July 2012

To Bathe or Not to Bathe that is the question.

We have a house guest who is to decide if he would like to live with us permanently. 
Oliver has been with us just over a week now and we are getting to know each other more as every day passes.  He is a  deaf adult neutered cat which makes requesting him to refrain from doing something problematic.  Having had Siamese and British Short Hair Colourpoints has not fully equipped us to know the vagaries of Birman cats.  So I have been reading up on the subject.  Like everything else on the internet there is a counter argument for everything.  I was surprised to discover that here was a breed that didn’t mind water.  Well, when I say doesn’t mind, perhaps that should be “positively embraces”.  Some sites suggest they should be bathed regularly and other sites do not espouse this theory.  So if anyone has any experience of Birmans I will gladly listen to all advice.    Like most children he has been scathing towards the more expensive toys and likes easily provided freebies such as rolled up tin foil.  He also has a penchant for playing with long shoe laces.  That is ok until the said lace is still supposed to be in use on the shoe one is actually wearing. 
No doubt there will be more in future weeks on “the adventures of Oliver”, as I realise daily there is more to Oliver than meets the eye.  Oh yeah, forgot to tell you he has amazing balancing skills on the very narrow top of our tv.
This week too there is 
Olympic knitting
Kindle corner

Olympic knitting
Unless living on another planet everyone is aware of the upcoming Olympics, and if anyone wants to combine watching these events with knitting then the Rowan site has some suitable patriotic projects to consider, and of course as with any other pattern recommendations on here, the patterns are free!  They include a snazzy Kindle cover, tops to knit for male and female, and home furnishings.
For those who like to knit toys

and for those who want to get in on some action of yarn bombing:

Half and Half Soft Bread Baps
Ideal for burgers, or cool salad fillings, etc.  These are filling and substantial bread rolls.  I used half brown and half white flour, but the recipe lends itself to all brown, or all white, just decide the ratio of brown to white that is preferred
1lb bread flour (all brown, all white, or a mix)
1 tsp salt, 1tsp sugar, 1 packet of easy blend yeast granules.
2tbs margarine/butter 
half pint milk or soya milk
Put the margarine and milk in microwave till warm and margarine has begun to melt.
Mix all dry ingredients.
Add milk mixture gradually to the flour until all of it is incorporated.  If the dough is too sticky add a little flour, if too dry add a little more milk.  (that is why best to add gradually and no extras may then be needed).
Knead well, till soft and pliable.
Put aside in warm place, covered, to rise to double its size.  If warm enough an hour will be enough.
Separate into 6 large or 8 medium size pieces and make into bap shapes. Cover with flour, and set aside to rise for another 20 mins covered. 
Put in oven number 7 for 9 mins and when cooked put them on a rack and cover with clean cloth to trap the warmth and thus keep them soft.

Kindle Corner

I am now subscribed to which is a newsletter advising of free books available that day, and have been pleased with some of the recommendations.  
I have recommended before I know, as a source for free kindle books, and this week I was amazed to get for free a book that is now retailing at £6.36!
It was an interesting read about the royal family, and although much of it is is known there were still some snippets that are new to me.  There are photos that I have not seen in the UK newspapers.  I am not a royalist and that is why I read about them! I need to know my doubts are not unfounded!
This week I have been downloading some spooky books and the jury is still out whilst I wade my way through the first one. (these were downloaded not as a result of newsletters but just my own browsing).


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