Friday, 9 March 2012


It has been a week of unbelievably stupid instructions!  I bought a jazzy kneeling pad for when I am gardening, and surprise surprise the instructions told me to place the pad under my knees!  No!  How innovative, and there was me thinking of balancing it on my head.  
Dominic has bought a snazzy new motor that goes like the proverbial off a shovel, but gone are the days when the owner’s manual gave need to know stuff like recommended tyre pressures and service intervals, no this car came with a 300 page manual (the entertainment system has its own separate tome).  The book even showed the pedals and named them.  It reminded the driver of this manual gear box car to depress the clutch when engaging a gear.  Are we supposed to read these on the dealer's forecourt before driving off?  If not, it is a bit late when you get home to find out you should depress the clutch to engage gears!

Perhaps it is because we are too litigious as a society that manufacturers resort to relating “the bleeding obvious”.
I don’t know if all these are genuine examples of silly instructions but there are some amusing ones on these sites: 
crafty site/twitterer/facebook page:  Yellow Sherbet.  I found this site has some really delightful cards/stitch markers/accessories, all sorts!   I will be going back again
 Veggie sites recommendation
For some   nice recipies and not all exotic ingredients one never has to hand!   
 For inspiration: did you know these famous people are vegans (site also has some interesting recipes)
Feeling frugal as the recession bites?
Apart from the well known there are some alternatives:  (talk about planning ahead! Buynothingday is November 2012!)   Feeling posh but skint?  Label conscious? and finally for wannabe Sloanes! 
On the hooks/needles

The huge horse blanket sized afghan/bedcover continues to grow.  Got halted on the socks I was knitting as I found the wool was not right, it was overspun and tight twist for a yard, then underspun and loose the next yard, and just not feasible for me to knit decent sock.  No, I had not spun this!.   So I wrote off to the manufacturer in Germany and sent a couple of pics of the offending yarn, and they have said they will send replacement.  Mr Postman has yet to oblige.

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