Friday, 3 February 2012

Minor miscellany

Change to usual format this week, back to podcasts/patterns/ebooks/recipes next time.  So just: 1) When am I tool old?  2) Knitting done and Out Damn Spot  3) Crochet done
1) When am I too old to…..
Well if I can have innovative thought processes like my mother (see below) then I don’t see why age should be a barrier to much (mentally if not physically).    “age appropriate” is a phrase I have never liked.  I have never stopped liking jumping in puddles and love swings, but can see that some one in a white coat could decide that my behaviour is not “age appropriate” and decide either I am eccentric/nuts/senile candidate or whatever.  I think I have always been a late developer as I was about 30 before I learned to ride a horse.  In my 40s before learning some German.  I was in my 50s when I began cycling to work.  So now in my 60s I am looking for something new to learn/do.  All ideas greatfully received (though nothing too expensive!) ). 
But I am rapidly reaching the stage where I may be getting too old to add to my stash as I am reaching the stage where I may not live long enough to knit all of it!  So I have joined a Ravelry group SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)!
2) Knitting done: and Out damn spot
I have knitted two projects this week with hand dyed yarn (not my own hand dyed). The first was a delight and I made this Lingonberry Shawlette by Andrea Arbour Lingonberry Shawlette

 and the other I did was this Wingspan by maylin Tri'CoterieDesigns:
The patterns for both were really good, being explicit .both of these are easily accessed on Ravelry as free downloads and the links are to there.
The problem with the Wingspan was not the pattern but the yarn, in that the red was not fast.  Well not fast until it had transferred itself to my hands, at which point it seemed to be a permanent dye. The yarn was red and white originally!  Have never experienced this before, and even the wooden needles have not escaped and look as if Jack the Ripper used them in his dastardly deeds as they now look bloodstained.

Lesson learnt?  You bet.  I shall only really trust my own hand dyed in future, and commercially dyed yarn.
3) Crochet done: 

This was for my mother who specifically requested I make her one to keep her hands warm, which was why I was baffled to learn from the Residential Home in which she lives that “She is using that thing you sent her, she is using it to keep her newspaper with her”.  Presumably she was rolling up the paper and shoving it in the tube.  Well that was lateral thinking I suppose.  The pattern is my own and written on my project page showing this item in Ravelry.  

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