Friday, 26 August 2011

You can count on me!

 I think it is a result of knitting so much that I count a lot.  During knitting, stitches are counted, rows are counted, the number of pieces required are counted.  If one knits intricate patterns it is advisable to count regularly to ensure no mistakes have been made.  I have noticed, however, that sometimes the counting carries over into mundane daily tasks.  With this in mind I did a fatal thing….. yes, the “G” word.  I Googled “compulsive counting”.  When I started inputting the phrase in the search engine I was mildly curious if this had affected fellow crafters.  But of course the inevitable can of worms was opened, and it transpired OCD could be involved.  Great, let's add another condition to my collection!!!  So with that I decided not to investigate further and to just accept it is one of my “quirks”.   So now I am going to continue counting but not be worried that I may have some more underlying mental issues.

Twitter recommendations:
For political/current affairs  @PrivateEyeNews
For crafting interest: @CaithnessCraft as Louise keeps followers abreast of events between podcasts.

Crafting Conversions:
 The internet has meant that crafters have access to patterns and designers the world over.  Unfortunately, to date, yarn and needle sizes are not  given the same descriptors on each side of the pond.  So for instance a size 4.00mm needle in the UK is known as size 6 in the USA.  4ply yarn in the UK is called fingering in the USA.
But this doesn’t mean the resources are unusable.  Every knitter/crafter just needs a reliable conversion table and the problem is solved.  Here are two conversion tables that are suitable:(on the first scroll down to see all conversions)

Site of the week for crafters:
It is remotely possible that someone doesn’t know about the Lion Brand site.  It is a US site with 4104 free knitting/crochet/craft patterns.  Yes, it is not a typo, 4104!! Take a look but allow yourself plenty of time because there is a lot to see on there.  If you like it, then subscribe to the newsletter, it is free too.  Just remember that the crochet will be in US terminology, but that is not insurmountable as there are plenty of conversion charts on the net, and there are the sites above to help with this. 
Recipe for this week: 
Tomato Salsa for Pasta

Tomatoes are plentiful, to the point some gardeners have a glut at this time of the year, and salads cannot always provide the answer.  This salsa makes a nice change to pasta with hot tomato sauce, and can be made well in advance if covered and left in cool place till required.  Like all my recipes this is a suggestion rather than “an instruction” and so if garlic, or olives for instance are disliked, then don’t put them in.
Ingredients are tomatoes, shallots, stoned olives if liked, basil leaves, olive oil, clove garlic,(or a squidge of garlic puree) some chillies if liked.  Go easy on the chillies!  I use the prepared ones in the Lazy series
For each person about 8 cherry tomatoes or 2 conventional ones,  1 banana shallot or 2 round shallots should provide a good serving.  It is worth using the very best olive oil you can in this.  It is also best to use fresh basil leaves.
2 oz of dried pasta per person

Peel and slice the shallots and sauté them till soft in plenty of olive oil and the crushed garlic. Allow to cool.
Cut the tomatoes into small wedges and put them in a bowl and add quarter tsp of chillies if used. 
Add the sautéed shallots and any oil still in the pan.
Add good handful of torn basil leaves, stone the olives and add the halves.
Season to taste and then pour over some more olive oil so it is all glistening and marinading contentedly.  Put this aside till ready to serve

For the pasta, it is best to use short pasta like penne/twists/orriechettti, and this should be cooked according to the instructions from the maker just prior to eating.
Then serve the pasta and add the salsa on the top of each serving. 

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